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David Paterson T/A North Sea Weather - Serving the North Sea & Haltenbanken Oil & Gas Industry
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North Sea Weather 7 day wind & wave forecasts for the offshore oil and gas industry.
Wind Speed
& Direction at both the 10 and 50 metre levels with gusts.
Wave Heights including significant & maximum wave heights swell heights and direction & wave periods.
Tabular Forecasts with 3 hourly data values out to 7 days in printer friendly pdf format.
Briefing Charts in easy to print pdf format as well as 3 hourly surface annimations.
Forecasts updated every 6 hours

Forecast Issue Information
Graphical Symbols Explanation
Awaiting data status Awaiting Forecast Model Data. New forecasts available in approx 60 minutes time
Processing Forecast Data Processing Forecast Data. New Forecasts will be available in approx 55 Minutes.
Forecast are being updated Uploading Forecasts. Graphical Forecasts available in approx 5 mins. Be aware of forecast issue changes about to take place.
Forecast Graphs Updated Graphical Forecasts have updated for all forecast sites. Tabular Forecasts and  Surface Charts are from the previous forecast issue.
Tabular Forecasts updated Graphical & Tabular Forecasts are now current issue. Surface Pressure Charts are still to be updated. Certain surface charts will have updated.
Surface Charts Updated All Forecasts are now current Issue. Graphical Tabular & Surface Pressure Charts are now valid and will be updated again in 6 hours.
NorthSeaWeather Forecast Status

7 Day wind and wave height forecasts are published 4 times daily. Forecasts are issued around 0000GMT - 0600GMT - 1200GMT & 1800GMT. Forecasts are available in both Graphical & Tabular Text with associated Surface Pressure Charts.
To access our Wind and Wave Forecasts a daily, monthly or annual subscription is required. All subscribers have access over 100 area forecasts across the North Sea, Haltenbanken and Barents Sea, as well as the Oil Production areas along the coasts of Nigeria and Angola. View sample forecasts here.