NorthSeaWeather FAQ's

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To test that the forecast format etc meets your requirements, we have a demo site where you will see the format of forecasts using historic data.
If you wish to evaluate the service, please contact us via the contact page and request an evaluation account. Please let us know your full name and company details.
We will open an evaluation account within 48 hours and send you login details. Evaluation accounts will allow you full access for a period of 14 days.
The Surface Pressure Charts are jpeg images which are updated every 6 hours.

We instruct your browser to always load fresh images, however browsers are sometimes not good at taking instructions and frequently ignore this request and load the image from cache. To update with the latest images, click on the red REFRESH IMAGES button to the left of the maps, this will force the browser to upload the latest images,  or press the CTRL and the R keys at the same time or the CTRL and F5 key at the same time. This will clear the cache files and force the browser to fetch the latest images from the server.

The method to clear browser cache will depend on the browser you are using. Open the browser and select the webpage. Once loaded press the CTRL and F5 together. The browser window will refresh. This will then re-load any background files and cookies stored on your PC from the server. It is advisable to follow the same procedure on any additional pages first before following any links. Alternatively from your browser tools menu select the option to clear all cached files and cookies. Close and re-open the browser. Your browser will then re-load all pages from the server.

The significant wave height is traditionally defined as the average height (trough to crest) of the heighest one third of a sample of waves over a ten minute period. The significant wave height is abreviated as sig wave on our graphs and tabular forecasts.

No. We only provide forecasts, and recommend subscibing to one of our short term forecast services. For Advise or historic information, please use our Consultancy Service provided by Blackwood Weather Consultancy