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 With over forty years of experience of Marine Weather Forecasting in the North Sea and adjacent waters, I have experienced the frontier days of both that of Long Range weather forecasting and the Offshore Oil industry. Seeing both grow and mature as modern day computing and communications have revolutionised both the Offshore Oil Industry and Weather Forecasting. Gone are the days when forecasts were received offshore via a SITOR Telex link to Wick or Stonehaven radio, taking ages to come in and very often ancient history by the time they were typed out. Modern day KUBAND and the Internet have made the communication of weather forecast data to the Offshore Industry decision makers fast and effective. understood that a weather forecast is a perishable commodity. Our forecasts were refreshed every 6 hours then processed and delivered within 1 hour. You are usually expected to wait between 6 to 9 hours for a forecast to be processed from the the same model data and delivered. By the time this half rotten forecast arrived in your email box NorthSeaWeather will have already issued a fresh forecast from the next model run for you to view online at your convenience. You were not restricted to one area either, subscribers could access any of our area forecasts in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea or offshore Angola. As well as offshore Greenland, a service developed specially for clients with Super Yachts sight seeing along the west coast.


Subscribers had access to all our Area Forecasts across the North Sea, English Channel and waters west of Scotland, as well as the Oil Exploration Areas of the Haltenbanken and Barents Sea and the waters off Nigeria and Angola. A single user 365 day access account costs as little as 27p a day. Subscribers ranged from Fishermen and Marine Consultants to ferry operators & operators of DSV's, Survey vessels and Super Yachts and Oil Companies. 


David Paterson

Founder -

David Paterson - North Sea Weather Forecaster for 30 Years.
 Gannet A Topside Installation
South Greenland Fjords
South Greenland Fjords T6

 Since I started forecasting for the North Sea 40 years ago I have provided onsite forecast consultancy for over a dozen Jacket & Topside Float outs, as well providing critical operations forecast coverage on Platforms / Drilling  Rigs / Dive Support Vessels / Heavy Lift Barges & Drill Ships, working in locations from the Southern North Sea to the Central and Northern North Sea, as well West of Shetland and the Rockall Trough, and northwards in the Norwegian and Barents Seas. 


Using this vast pool of experience, I developed a fast and friendly user friendly Internet portal bringing valuable hot of the press forecast information to Oil Industry decision makers at lightning speed.


NSW Retirement - There comes a time in everyones life when it's time to devote what time you have left to your family without reserve. After a lot of thought I decided to fully retire myself and NorthSeaWeather in 2019. Thank you to all my customers, who helped make this project a success.


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